arte, ilustración y creatividad
Lu de Lopez

✦ purgatory of transition ✦

The project is a part a social experiment of co-creating with found materials, and part an exploration of repairing unwanted furniture in an irreverent way.

By one creator sourcing found furniture with small imperfections (Leah), the other with reaction with a solution to this imperfection with a “repair” that elevates and transforms the formerly unwanted piece into something with a second life (Lu).

There is an implied trust between the creators in that, one must trust the finder of the pieces and one must trust the interventionist.
We will focus on found pieces that have repair materials small enough to transport across geographical boarders.
It will be combined and installed by both artists,
as a pair for a singular result.



Lu trusts Leah to find inspirational piece that needs our repair.

Leah trusts Lu to complete it with a beautiful addition that seemed it was always there.

We want to give a second chance to the things that people throw out from their houses. They are abandoned because the function of that furniture is no longer useful, but they don’t consider the history acquired by that object, over time, that has lived with them. The idea that each thing we own has an heirloom quality to it, even if we don’t recognize that.  
Programmed obsolescence is a phenomena that comes incorporated in everything man-manufactured and has caused us to feel distant to the things we surround ourselves with. By repairing the lost furniture, and changing its context we are giving it new artistic life. The intended effect is to cause the spectator more conscience with the real life of the objects and their second life.

To make them know that everything can be recuperated and restored but with a new point of view from the design based in arte povera, situationsist international derive whose origins and intent try to make people more aware that their carelessness has consequence. Growing up there were necklaces in the shape of a heart, broken in half with the words “Best Friends” written in halves. When the two friends wearing each piece of the necklace are together, the message is complete. Similar to this, this project has two creators, who have the same intentional result but two different points of view. And when combined these two pieces becomes a new whole, with a greater meaning.

The final work is a product of reciprocal trust and avant garde creation.

proceso creativo
developed by Lu


Trabajo realizado con Leah Oros en el marco de un proyecto colaborativo.
Llevado a cabo entre la Paris College of Art y la Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología de Valencia,
Tutorizados por Klaus Fruchtnis y Solimán López